Kiermoni Allsion

Peaceful. Reticent. Gentle.

Kiermoni Allison Ark Republic RU AlumA man of few words,  Kiermoni Allison brings recognition to what it means to have grown up in Newark.  Being born and raised here he says, “The depiction of Newark has many narratives depending on who is telling the story.”

With a supportive upbringing, Kiermoni’s gives a richer understanding of what shaped him to become the talented and thoughtful individual he is today.  Kiermoni illustrates Newark as a prolific city and, “Because of its longstanding history in the media, it can be pegged as a city of crime and despair. The city is full of innovators, families and unsung heroes who make life worth living. I am glad to be a product of the great city I call home.”

A recent grad from Rutgers University’s MPA program, Allison spent six years as a Scarlet Knight and now works for the City of New York.

With a background in public administration, Kiermoni finds a natural desire to recognize what the community needs and has a mature awareness of the city on another level.  He sees the city as a progressive engine, with an immense amount of potential such as restaurants, cultural centers, and the presence of new companies moving in.

Kiermoni Allison

Expressing the social expense that is behind all these actions, he says that it often leaves many of the natives and young generations fighting to preserve a culture they once knew.  That’s where his acute passion comes of giving back to his community, through creative and healthy ways such as biking.

Kiermoni’s passion for biking started as an innocent hobby then later became a way to give back.  He was titled as a Schwinn ambassador, a notable biking company.  Biking gives Kiermoni the ability to be free and he wants others to feel the same.  Thinking about his journey, he reveals, “Whenever someone asks me about biking, I always explain it as a sport that I stumbled upon. I learned how to ride a bike at a late age. Years later, I never would have thought I’d be representing a major brand in a city that has molded me in every way possible.”

Kiermoni believes that his best assets are time and effort. In addition, he wants to offer knowledge that will benefit Newark’s diverse population.  With the memories and support of his teachers, mentors, and community leaders, he has collected guidance and strength to share.  Soft spoken, yet confident, he explains, “My vision for biking is simply seeing more people pick up a set of wheels for themselves.”


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